Charity Golf Day for The Haven 2020

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We usually associate home with safety, security, and comfort. But what if, instead, the place you call home, is the most terrifying place of all?

That’s the sad reality that many women are forced to face. The Haven Wolverhampton has made a name for itself for over 46 years by empowering women and children, not just in Wolverhampton where it is based, but rather chooses to extend its support to women all across the UK. Originally starting out as an organization supporting homeless females due to the lack thereof, it now provides support to women and children who are also subject to domestic abuse, by providing them with refuge, sheltering them, and offering them emotional support. That’s why, when we heard they were hosting a fundraising golf day, we rushed to help.

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Friday the 11th of September marked the first face-to-face event that The Haven Wolverhampton could host since the beginning of the pandemic, so naturally, participants were extremely excited to attend! Although Covid-19 related restrictions meant that some changes had to be made to ensure participants’ safety, the day was a huge success, nonetheless.

The day kicked off with a whopping 60 attendees registering and receiving their goody bags, all of which contained our Caddyboo Golf Towel which we donated as a sign of support. Recipients were said to have been fascinated by the towel, and impressed by the concept, later taking it out on the course!

Caddyboo Golf Towel

After a good breakfast and a few nerves from the anticipation of the competition, an 18-hole game of golf kicked off. After a round filled with adrenaline and excitement, they were treated to a delicious two-course meal, before participating in a raffle where winners received a bunch of great prizes! All in all, the event raised around £5,000 in funds for the women and children of The Haven. A phone call to reach The Haven’s support services costs £2, meaning that every pound donated makes a very large difference on the lives of those who need it.

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By offering women and children a home, The Haven does not only help individuals in the community but helps build the community as a whole. The issues of domestic abuse and homelessness are some of the most pressing problems we face on a day-to-day basis, yet there remains a gap nonetheless with regards to the aid offered. It is not as common to find shelters helping combat female homelessness, as it is to find homeless shelters for male. It is even more uncommon to find shelters caring for and tending to the needs of women and children who may be vulnerable to domestic abuse at home. One of our values at Caddyboo is growth, and we know that growth is not possible when some of the members of our community are at a detriment. Everything that The Haven Wolverhampton does on a daily basis and stands for is what drives our community to become increasingly proactive, by making note of the most prevalent problems and tackling them head-on.

The golf day was so enjoyable, that we know everyone is itching to know when The Haven’s next big day will be. With restrictions make it increasingly difficult to plan face-to-face events, it is still unclear. However, we are happy to announce that The Haven will not cease their campaigns, with their next one to be hosted online in October. Stay tuned for that and learn even more about by watching our interview with Haley Powell from The Haven Wolverhampton here!

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Author: Ban Beidas
Caddyboo Team

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