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According to the World Health Organization, around 10 million new cases of Alzheimer’s are diagnosed per year. That is. 10 million more people who have to learn have to adapt to a life with dementia. 10 million more people who we can try our best to support and empower.

Alzheimer’s Society is a UK-based charity which has been leading the fight against dementia by tackling the disease head-on. Its objective is to ensure that every person diagnosed with Alzheimer’s is well-equipped and fully supported to manage life with the illness and maintains a good life quality.

They are accomplishing this by implementing several different programmes aimed at helping Alzheimer’s patients, as well as continuing to make wellness calls, setting up Dementia Connect Support Lines, and raising awareness to encourage the government to continue to invest in care homes. 

With Covid-19 posing one too many restrictions, Alzheimer’s Society has unfortunately faced challenges in continuing to raise funds for dementia patients. That is why we wanted to ensure that we would do all we can (and can’t) in order to lend them a hand in their fight against dementia - and what better way to do that than with a few rounds of golf?

Alzheimer’s Society hosted their annual golf day on Friday the 18th of September at Chesterfield Golf Club. Founded in 1897, the Derbyshire based 18-hole golf course was the optimal venue to host the event and was large enough to ensure and maintain a safe social distance amongst players. 34 teams comprising a total of 135 players attended the event, and competed against one another, but most importantly, competed together in order to raise money for the cause they all wholeheartedly support - empowering dementia patients.

Caddyboo Golf Towel

Despite winds, fast greens, and tricky pin positions, the winning teams secured a large number of points and very much enjoyed the challenge.  "The Desperados" won first place with 83 points, and "FADE Society" was the close runner up with 82 points. In third and fourth places came "The Friendly Fridays'' , and Martins Marauders with 80 and 79 points respectively, and in fifth came "The Muppets” with 79pts.

All in all, the event managed to raise a total of £3,030.48 for the Alzheimer's Society - £100 who were donated by the organizer’s own 10-year old daughter, illustrating that the cause is one that touches the lives of people of all ages!

As a token of our own solidarity, we donated our Caddyboo Golf Towel to each of the players, all of whom were very impressed by the creativity behind the product. We do not doubt that the towel made their putts cleaner, and we hope that it helped them achieve a better game. Most importantly, we hope that our contribution brought the charity one step closer to achieving its goal.

Chesterfield Golf Club

By helping the fight against dementia, our aim is not just to help the 10 million people who are diagnosed yearly, or the 50 million people who live with it already. Our goal is to also help create more room for growth, creativity and sustainability in the world where we live. Our goal is to make sure that all people feel supported enough to take on the impossible and do what we can’t. By starting to empower people on the green, we hope that they feel empowered off of it, too, and remind themselves and the people around them why the causes to which they contribute are so important.

We firmly believe that Alzheimer’s Society is doing what they can’t and will continue to do so- namely in their next events. In order to learn more, check out our talk with the Alzheimer Society’s Community Fundraiser for the East Midlands Olly Larkin here!

Charity golf day


Author: Ban Beidas
Caddyboo Team

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