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At Caddyboo, we constantly endorse innovation, and initiatives that are openly stepping up their game. Business Fours is the ideal example of an organization that fully embraces innovation and change. This UK based establishment is one that, since 2016, has managed to create a platform where people can mingle and expand their professional networks, while also contributing towards a good cause. Business Fours holds corporate charity golf events, where interested parties and businesses can participate and compete with fellow golfers, while also making professional connections. A percentage of the funds collected from such events are then donated to a charity of the winning team’s choice, with all the teams partaking on other fund raising activities on the side. This year, we decided to sponsor 10 of the events in which they had partaken in the past month along the UK. With the first one taking place on the 6th of October in North West, and the final event on the 29th of October in Scotland, we are proud to say that Business Fours’ events were a giant success - despite certain obstacles that Covid-19 related restrictions might have posed!

The events consisted of a maximum of 12 teams, with 4 persons per team, all of whom had to adhere to social distancing rules. One team could consist of people from the same organization, or people from different companies looking to network. After arrival and registration, attendees were treated to a delicious light brunch where they could get to know one another. After warm ups, the tournament began with competitions like longest drive, longest putt and nearest the pins. Then after having spent the whole day competing for a money prize that would be donated to charity, participants were allowed to enjoy a drinks reception, a mouthwatering two course meal and prizes were given away. The highest 5 scoring teams from each would then qualify for the national final, which took place on the 29th of October in Scotland. The final competition took place at The Dukes Golf Course, St Andrews.

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At Caddyboo, our core values are growth, creativity, and sustainability. We are constantly on the lookouts for collaborations whose ideologies mirror ours, and who are looking for ways to make a change in the world. As a result of this, we have been contributing with partners who are involved in the causes of female empowerment, child support, and poverty and disease reduction, among many others. Since Business Four’s events are all focused on charities and incentivizing participants to raise funds for their favorite causes, we decided to collaborate with them and sponsor their events. A contribution to an event centered around a charitable cause is a contribution to that charitable cause itself, and it is something that we always constantly encourage.

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Moreover, we offered our signature Caddyboo Golf Towel at the events to the attendees, in order to help them achieve a better putt throughout the tournament and improve their game by focusing on even the smallest of details - the cleanliness of the golf ball! The golfers got to test the towel out on the green and were very impressed with the product. The Caddyboo Golf Towel is the optimal corporate gift, which can be customized in order to be completely expressive of any corporate style or brand. Seven of the components that make up the towel (more than ten!) can be tailored to any organization’s needs and can take any form and colour. Moreover, the innovativeness and sustainability of the towel makes it a much more compelling choice than a mere golf t-shirt or golf cap, as it is a tool that actually makes a difference with your golf game on the green. The Caddyboo Golf Towel has become a symbol for “giving back,” as it has been customized for several charities, with different colours and the company’s logo on each new towel. Proceeds from the sale of the customized versions were donated to the charities they represent, making the Caddyboo Golf Towel a product that not only changes your game on the green, but helps change the world outside of it.

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With more than £170,000 raised for charity since its founding, Business Fours’ golf charity events have proven very successful amongst businesses wanting to help improve the world around them. We are very glad to have been able to partake in their journey by being their sponsors, and are very proud of all the participants who, despite those challenging times, made a decision to compete on the green in the name of their favorite charities. We hope that, in the coming years, the amount raised for those charities will only continue to grow. We hope that an increasing number of people will continue to come to those charity golf events. We hope that people continue to do what they can’t.

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Author: Ban Beidas
Caddyboo Team

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