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The number of females joining the global golfing community has been increasing at a steady rate, whether as a part-time hobby or as a full-time profession. According to the National Golf Foundation, women account for more than 41% of off-course golfers. In addition, the effect golf has had on women is almost always positive, with the PGA claiming that 60 percent of women golfers felt claim that playing golf has even contributed to their success at home. Communities like Anna Golf offer women golfers not only a space to practice the sport, but also a family of fellow golfers who share similar ambitions and interests. Anna Golf hosts annual events where its members can engage in friendly competitions and get together for a fun day of golfing. 

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What’s Anna Golf?

If you ask any female golfer in Helsinki what event she looks forward to the most, the answer is likely to be the same: the Anna Golf Tour which is organised with Golfpiste support as well. This year was no different, with golfers from all across the country gearing up to compete in the tour’s many events.  The Anna Golf Tour, whose competitions take place throughout the months of July and August, have grown to become much more than a place where women merely go to prove their skill and go home with an award. Rather, Anna Golf’s annual get-togethers are more about community empowerment, and giving female golfers their very own platform. The event has become much more of a social event than a mere sporting event, with a low participation threshold so that all golfers, regardless of their skill and expertise, can join and partake.

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With a whopping 700 attendees in total, every single event was full, illustrating the tour’s success and popularity amongst the golfers in Finland. The final competition day consisted of two competitions, one early in the morning, and one later in the afternoon. After competition, the player with the most points collected would be rendered the winner.  Each player got to compete with several partners, all hoping for a chance to compete in the ultimate final to take place in the one and only Quinta da Marinha, Portugal in the Spring of 2021.

How did Caddyboo contribute?

Here at Caddyboo, we believe that women should continuously be allowed opportunities to help them grow, flourish, and step up their game. We directly contributed to this cause by providing all participants at the Anna Golf Tour with our very own Caddyboo Golf Towel, which we are sure will motivate them to continue developing their golf game by making it easier for them to achieve a perfect putt. Our team was lucky enough to get a first-hand experience at the magic behind the Anna Golf tour, by being invited to attend a handful of their events and mingle with some of the attendees. All of those with whom we had spoken praised our handy Caddyboo Golf Towel, claiming it contributed to their high performance on the green! Our Team had wonderful experience on Anna Golf Tour this year and we hope to see new participants and new winners in 2021! 

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Results of the Anna Golf Tour

Awards were given out at the closing ceremony, and their lucky recipients were those who performed best in all of the tournaments. The lucky winner of the morning competition was Anita Ojala, having won with 37 points. Hanna Koskiniemi was the lucky winner of the afternoon competition, with 39 points to victory. Nevertheless, after having gained a fruitful experience and the chance to mingle with community members, we know that everyone went home a winner!  

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Author: Ban Beidas
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