How to Become a Well-Loved Brand?

Become a Well-Loved Brand

Be agile and flexible

It's always a misconception that a company needs to be a startup to be either agile or flexible about their products or services. In many cases it's irrelevant whether you are a big or small business, well established, or just beginning. Because fundamentally it's the structure and the intention of the organization at matters most.

Kodak failed and missed the digital age while being the first creator of the digital camera back in 1975. In a very similar case, Nokia failed and missed the smartphone age. Their hierarchy structure slowed down every process for a company to be innovative. In both cases, they were both in fear to change and didn't take the risk to lose their existing lucrative business.

Apple, on the other hand, was willing to even change its name and removed the word 'Computer' from it. Because they were being agile and flexible to take the risk to take on the new industries.

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Be a giver not a taker

In the examples given above, both Kodak and Nokia were both taking (profit) from the consumers. Any business must make a profit to be sustainable but the intention matters. To them, the stakes were too high for the shareholders and executives that focusing on the current profit is always the company's priority.

Apple, on the other hand, focused on giving to the consumers. And that's what was fueling the streaming of innovative products since their introduction of original iMac back in 1997.

respirator cartridgeBe purpose-driven

Most companies are profit-driven because it's easy. It's not to say that making a profit is easy but setting this profit-making goal is. In return, it's also easy for the customers to not love your brand.

When a company doesn't have a meaningful purpose it's extremely difficult for people to connect with their brand an emotional level. All relationships are merely a business transaction.

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Be innovative

The COVID-19 pandemic has ushered a series of urgent innovative gadgets, from 3D-printed hands-free door openers to mobile handset sanitizers.

As for Caddyboo, we've spawned the idea of designing a reusable filter cartridge for the popular 3M respirators. We hope to create this product to help support the current situation with pandemic and also raise awareness for other companies to contribute.

At Caddyboo we have all four elements of becoming a well-loved brand. We are agile, a giver, purpose-driven, and innovative from the beginning and will always be.

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Authors: Mo Cheung

Caddyboo Team


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