Caddyboo Launches the Reusable Cartridge for 3M Respirator

caddyboo respirator cartridge

When the world is still in a tough battle for health, we hope you are keeping well! The fight between humans and the coronavirus continued for months, and face masks became necessary for our daily lives. Most people will agree that surgical masks play the meaning function in preventing the spread of the disease, and we have no doubts about this part. However, if we look at the other side of the coin, the mask is composed of plasticand one can utilize it for once or just a few hours, we bet you start to frown. Human's enormous dependence on surgical masks has set us in another critical nightmare of pollution. 

How can one company be concerned about resource-saving, environmental protection, and sustainability regarding the face mask situation? We believe reusability is still the answer. Since surgical masks have a 95% filtration efficiency for 3 microns particles, it makes them an affordable substitution for the expensive respirators. However, unlike a surgical mask, maintaining a respirator requires only refilling the filters inside the cartridges, and you can cut out up to ten filter pieces of one surgical mask. What a significant saving of resources over buying disposable cartridges! Not to mention a respirator can provide a tighter seal for protection! We are glad that more and more people have the same awareness, and 3D printing solutions for reusable cartridges are getting more common and widespread.

Facing the crisis of COVID-19, Caddyboo, with its collaborator Aliner Industrial Inc, based in Taiwan, together have launched our version of the filter cartridge for 3M respirators model no. 6200/7502/37082 and share it as an open-source online for those who need to print the reusable cartridge themselves for personal use. However, this project's biggest challenge is not to design the cartridge for personal 3D printing but mass production. That's the real difference we're making, and we're able to achieve it only with Aliner's years of experience in design and manufacturing in the tech sector. If you need further details, or if you'd like to customize a version for other models of 3M respirators, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Caddyboo is a purpose-driven company, and it continues to drive change by providing a platform for people from all walks of life to feel empowered, supported, and inspired, such that together we can be doing what we can't. And with technology and creativity, we can all unite further to fight against COVID-19 sustainably and protect the ones we love. We hope you stay healthy and keep one eye on our continual updates about the development of the reusable cartridge on our website and social media.
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More on Aliner Industrial Inc:

Aliner seeks opportunities to give a hand to those fighting for Covid-19, not only to assist developing a ventilator with Taiwan Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) and donate facial masks to those who needed in early 2020.

Aliner solves pain points among the supplier chain in the future AI industry, and Aliner is the company that sees everything in the world as colorful 3D arts. Aliner specializes in creating spectacular designs as sculptures with the best shape and color, just like making clay into artwork. Aliner sculpts its products via machines. Aliner views the world as a masterpiece of Nature Mother, which needs all creatures to protect it, especially human beings. Caddyboo and Aliner value the only earth a lot.

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