Creativity in Business: Did Your Company Adapt in 2020?

creativity in business

LinkedIn claimed creativity to be the most valuable quality in 2018, and we at Caddyboo believe that it still stands. Creativity became of upper importance for businesses, especially small and medium, in the pandemic times when the economic situation is extremely volatile. We have already discussed ways of taking advantages in Covid-19 times, but today we want to focus on creativity and how it helped Caddyboo’s growth in 2020.

Why does creativity matter?

New paths and innovative approach put companies on a map when it comes to the market. You can hardly beat your competitors by taking the same steps as them. Plain solutions and comfort zone are not the attitude Caddyboo has in mind.

Creativity gives the world fresh and relevant solutions, it’s the key to make a company competitive. According to McKinsey, there is a strong correlation between creativity and financial performance. Tapping into creativeness and adapting to ever-changing reality has never been so critical for business survival.

creativity statistic

Source: McKinsey Creativity and Financial Performance Stats.

As we are standing at the very beginning of 2021, Caddyboo would like to reflect on how we managed to tap and adopt last year. It wasn’t an easy year, but we managed to reach our goals, prepare new launches and grow as a company and individuals. Here are three things we did creatively in 2020.

One: Caddyboo Golf Markers

Throughout 2020, we have developed a new line: Caddyboo Marker and Caddyboo Marker Magnet. It’s a family of golf markers with varieties of design, materials and property. We wanted to share Caddyboo story and stories of our partners that would go beyond a golf community. So, we created a commodity good that can be used in any household. Our markers go further than their primary service: due to magnetic feature and sophisticated design they become multifunctional, and a QR-code turns them into storytellers

Following up on the idea with the creative process is not always easy. Our designers had quite a challenge to make sure our product vision is implemented in the right way. The main issue was to find a suitable material that will both be attracted by magnets and be magnetic itself. After a process of trial and error, we found a combination of several materials that brought the functionality we wanted. 

“There are also some design tweaks that we had to add at the later stage. – Shares Mariia Molodkina, Head of Business Development at Caddyboo. - We exceeded our expectations with the magnet part. The magnetic power was so strong that it was really hard to grab the marker from the board or lift from the flat surface, so we had to add the groove for easier reattachment.”

caddyboo marker

Two: Caddyboo Charity Editions

Caddyboo is taking social responsibility to create a positive impact. Supporting charities has been important to us since the beginning, and this year we decided to push our limits. We decided to use creative design to spread the word about our partners and support our community.

During this year we designed three new limited editions of Caddyboo Golf Towel to support our partners: Caudwell Children, Missing Children Europe and we are still in progress with FloweRescue. This is a perfect way to give back to the community (10 EUR from each limited edition item is donated to the charity), communicate our values and exercise creativity. Each design is unique and resembles our partner’s brand identities. Since Caddyboo Golf Towel has seven customisable materials, we sure had fun in search of perfect style!

caddyboo limited editions

Three: Motivational Journey With Caddyboo Live

The pandemic spring was an adventure with its challenges: the lockdowns, stress, and anxiety. To get out of the rut, we decided to change things up a bit with our own hands. Well, and phones. We decided to start live stream “Motivational talks'' on Caddyboo’s Instagram feed to inspire each other and introduce interesting personalities to community members. We were generating ideas on how to make people happier during quarantine, helping them to stay motivated. And this is how our weekly Caddyboo Live started.

Over the course of our Caddyboo Live series we’ve had different guests: golf player like Lukas Exner, Natasha Fear, Mario Fuchs, business and charity figures – Dominic Comins, Hayley Powell, and our fellow team members. 

Live Talks are definitely a way to turn on a creative mindset and challenge yourself. – Says Aleksandra Seregina, Social Media Specialist at Caddyboo and one of the live stream hosts. - It is important to find such questions that will be closer to the guest and that will motivate him or her to say something that is not obvious to other people.”

Being a host isn’t a simple task, keeping in mind things like background check, talk dynamic and time management is important. The talk has to be lively, insightful and have value for the audience. We wanted to create an emotional connection with our guests and viewers, share stories and experiences. As a host and a professional, Aleksandra also benefited from the live talks.

“Talking to interesting people is the way to get inspired and to discuss something that you probably will not talk about in day-to-day life. Also, during the talks, I had to reflect on what I heard quickly and continue the discussion which allowed me to be creative and come up with some inspiring thoughts” – shares Aleksandra.

On-going Adventure of Creation 

To achieve this level of creativity we are following several practices: open communication and safe space for any ideas from Caddyboo team, giving possibilities to implement passion projects and providing the intellectual challenge.

According to Harvard Business Review, the key to creative output is to be aware of individuals’ interests and skills, which perfectly links to the practices we mentioned above. We are presenting an opportunity to follow a passion and grow in a professional and creative field for our employees and customers both. And we are ready to continue stepping out of our comfort zone since we believe that creativity is here to stay!


Author: Ksenia Saburova

Caddyboo Team

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