How About A Holiday Season Gift to Earth?

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Being sustainable for a company is a must. Even the smallest companies have environmental impact that is several times larger than individuals’ ones. It is in our power as business leaders and organisations to make a gift to our planet.

Last year, Seed & Sprout, an Australian pro-environmental company, posted the fact that wrapping paper used during the holiday season can wrap the world almost four times. They got a splash of engagement from the audience, but did habits change?

At Caddyboo, we find it crucial to respect Earth and the environment. Our company’s sustainability policy is strict, and we are constantly working on improvement. Holiday season greatly affects our planet in many ways, which we will discuss more closely on our upcoming Sustainable Christmas Caddyboo blog post. But today we want to talk about one single thing that we usually plan ahead as organisations and human beings – gifts.

Conscious Gift-Giving

This has been a theme for Caddyboo throughout this season and, frankly, it should be the main theme at all times. We give presents to show our love and appreciation, to create a warm human connection and we should continue to do so sustainably.

According to Business Leader, we use 125,000 tonnes of plastic packaging and by March 41% of children toys will be thrown away because they got broken or boring to the kids. And that’s at the scale of the UK, not even whole Europe. We need to step up our gifting game on the level of sustainability. And make sure it brings joy to the receiver, of course.

That would be our first advice – give wanted gifts. Even if you a Secret Santa for your colleague at a corporate party. Think about how many presents you have returned to the store; how many are gathering dust on the shelf. Most probably, the answer is a lot. You can’t control what others give you (unless you are specific in your wishes – good policy, by the way), but you can control what you give to others.

Sustainable From Inside Out

Think about the quality of the gift: how long is its life cycle, what materials are used, is it easy to recycle? Take a look at the company policy and check that it aligns with your values. Holiday offers are a great opportunity to buy a high-quality product at a reasonable price, but it still must be approached responsibly. That is the Inside of your gift.

The Out is the packaging. We love beautifully styled wrapping, the one that is sad to tear apart to get to the gift. You don’t have to give it up. There are plenty of sustainable options for wrapping and you can get creative with it. Japanese-style fabric wrapping, good old newspaper, reusable wrapping bags, eco-friendly paper and much more. Perfect choice for a company – recycled paper. It’s a pro-environmental choice that will send your care and respect in a minimalistic style.

recyclable packaging

Corporate Gifting

Friends and families are not the only ones giving gifts. Corporate gifting is a great way to create a meaningful connection with employees, clients, and prospects. On the other hand, it is likely to be a source of waste – on average people are keeping corporate gifts for 7 months before they throw it away. Usefulness - along with quality, - is a key to give a sustainable and long-serving gift.

It is the company’s responsibility to think about green eco-friendly options. Bear in mind things like functionality and wear-resistance. And sustainable packaging of course: did you know that containers and packaging are 29,7% of garbage composition? Look for packaging that can be reused and easily recycled.

Your gift will speak of your values and show the receiver that you care about them and the world.

We Are Planning To Stay

Somewhere we saw this catchphrase about sustainability:

“Treat Earth the way like you are planning to stay”.

And we are planning to stay.

It’s a holiday season and we give gifts. What is the best way to show our love and appreciation to our planet? Caddyboo says, it’s a conscious sustainable approach to gift-giving.


Author: Ksenia Saburova 
Caddyboo Team


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