Benefits of Sustainable Packaging

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According to Eurostat, on average, 174 kg of packaging waste per person was generated in Europe in 2018. It’s about 30 billion kg of waste overall!

Did your company contribute to this number?

Caddyboo is a firm believer in sustainability. We follow our core value wholeheartedly and challenge you to do the same. Packaging composes about 30% of general waste, which is the biggest part of the composition. Since companies and organizations are the majority source of any sort of wrapping, we’d better to take a sustainable approach to it.

Benefits of Sustainable Packaging

The obvious benefit is that it’s safe for people and the environment. It’s healthy throughout its life cycle and is made from clean, often recycled materials. The materials are renewable, energy-efficient and easy to recycle in many possible ways – the end customer can be creative with it, but we’ll talk more about it later in the article.

Trivium Packaging research shows that 72% of customers would pay more for products in sustainable packaging and 59% are less likely to buy products in packaging harmful for the environment. Customers are ready to make the sustainable choice and are willing to pay more for it if necessary, companies just have to give them this alternative.

Packaging can be sustainable concerning several factors: materials, production, and reusability. It gives room to decide on the most suitable option for your company, as well as find the best price and performance correlation. The recycle possibilities are wide as well: sustainable packaging can be reused, biodegraded, composted, or fully recycled.

Caddyboo Sustainable Packaging

To give you an example, we will share with you how we do packaging at Caddyboo. Our packaging is made from 100% recycled materials and is recyclable and compostable. We chose the material that is stiff and resists bending, which ensures that the product will stay flat in the transit. The high-quality packaging gives a high-end, organic and earthy feel.

Caddyboo also urges the customers to re-use the packaging in any way they see fit to prolong its life cycle and give a creative outlet for the end-users. Design your packaging in a way it could be reusable, it is fun to come up with the ideas.

packaging reuse

Looks do matter, especially when they are sustainable. Join Caddyboo in action to protect our planet and make it clean from a harmful single-use wrap. Consider switching to an environmentally friendly packaging, Earth will thank you for it!


Author: Ksenia Saburova

Caddyboo Team 

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